We believe that conservation at the landscape scale starts locally, includes civil and open dialogue among all interested stakeholders, is coordinated collaboratively, and looks to science to support the conversation.

– Gary Burnett, Heart of the Rockies Initiative

The High Divide Collaborative is not Either/Or Conservation. It’s Yes/And Conservation:

  • YES, it conserves habitat for threatened species like sage grouse AND it helps keep ranching families on the land.
  • YES, it helps restore endangered salmon runs AND it helps keep water clean for communities, livestock and irrigation.
  • YES, it protects migration routes and winter range for wildlife AND it helps keep tourism and outfitting jobs secure.
  • YES, it keeps communities safer from wildfire AND helps limit federal fire suppression costs.
  • YES, it helps recover endangered species AND it helps keep troubled species from slipping onto the endangered list in the first place.
  • YES we are conserving water, AND at the same time helping ranchers make the most of their grass and put more weight on their livestock.

Collaboration is not about gluing together existing egos. It’s about the ideas that never existed until everyone entered the room.   – Unknown