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Community-Based Collaboration Workshop on November 30 and December 1 at Fairmont Hot Springs in Anaconda, MT
Community-based Collaboration Workshop Summary
This workshop was designed for leaders of communitybased conservation organizations across the High Divide and Northern Rockies landscapes, seasoned trainers and consulting practitioners, representatives from state resource management agencies, academics who have researched and analyzed collaborative projects, and members of other regional non-profits.
Over the course of the two days, we engaged with the what, the why, and the how-to of communitybased collaboration and emerged with a road map and set of guiding principles to support our work.
Check out the workshop summary at the link above. 
Workshop planning committee:
Dennis Glick (Future West), Alice Buckley (Future West),  Don Elder (TREC), Gary Burnett (Blackfoot Challenge), Julian Griggs (Dovetail Consulting), Michael Whitfield (Heart of the Rockies), Mindy Crowell (Salmon Valley Stewardship), and Shawn Johnson (University of Montana)